Agreement between Menodys and Univalor


MENODYS and Univalor signs an exclusive agreement to develop and market a medical device targeting audiology and tinnitus objective evaluation.

MENODYS and Univalor, the valuation society of the University of Montreal, concluded an exclusive commercial agreement for a technology developed by the Dre Sylvie Hébert from the school of speech therapy and audiology of the University of Montreal.

This technology aims the objective determination of the frequency and the amplitude of tinnitus, an important and increasing health problem affecting more than 360 000 Canadians and 30 million Americans.

The agreement, being the second to arise between Univalor and MENODYS, will allow to accelerate the development and the marketing of a technology targeting a specific need. ” We are delighted at the idea of collaborating again with MENODYS who turned out to be a partner estimable in the marketing of innovations medical technologies  sector”, explains Clermont Beaulieu, director in life sciences at Univalor.

” We are delights of this new agreement with Univalor, which confirms the place of our business model aiming the acceleration of innovations transfer and the marketing at the international level of medical technologies ” assert Richard Côté, executive vice-president at MENODYS.

MENODYS is a Canadian company specialized in the development, the marketing and the distribution of medical technologies.

About Univalor
Univalor is a valuation society of university research which is used to market the scientific discoveries and the technological innovations stemming from works of about 2600 researchers of the University of Montreal and its affiliated centres of health, from Polytechnic Montreal and of HEC Montreal. By creating links between the university and the business world, Univalor contribute to return more competitive companies, to generate incomes for the research, and, especially, to enrich the society.

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